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Suspension of Outbound "In-person" Internships through the end of Fall 2021

Note: In view of the latest development of the COVID-19 outbreak, please note that all organized outbound internship programs through the end of Fall 2021 are suspended. Meanwhile, you are welcome to explore other internship opportunities through our Job Board as well as organized local and virtual internship programs.

What are Internships? And why are they important?

Internship is a great way for you to gain work experience, try out a new field, build your professional network and get a head start in your job search after graduation! It is definitely something you should consider doing while you are at HKUST.

  • Type of Internships

    Internships can be paid or unpaid and may take various forms:
    - part-time during the term;
    - full-time during the term (in which case you would apply for study leave)
    - full-time during a winter or summer break.

  • Internship Opportunities

    Most internships are offered directly from individual employers as “direct-hire” opportunities and these “direct-hire” internship opportunities targeting HKUST students can be found on our HKUST-exclusive Job Board. Check them out! In addition, JIJIS is also a great source for other internships (for all university students in Hong Kong)

    Meanwhile, there are also other program-based internships, generally offered by third-party organizers. These internship programs cover local, overseas, mainland and virtual opportunities. These opportunities offer a unique opportunity for you to gain work experience outside of Hong Kong, as well as experience in a new field which you otherwise might find it hard to access through “direct-hire”. Highly recommended especially for our year 1 and year 2 undergraduate students! Check them out below!